Tired of Boring, Store-Bought Products?


 "This time he made the Caribbean which he kicked up the heat with 5 extra ghost peppers from our garden that we were drying and instead of adding sugar, he added honey.

This is one happy man!

I seriously keep waiting for the scream while he's in the bathroom doing his business. 😁

However it has yet to happen. 

One very happy husband and wife
Eric and Linda Wurst" 

... after all, you know exactly what you want.

It's why you say "You know! This hot sauce is great.. but it's just missing something."

Or "This lip balm is awesome but if I made my own I'd definitely want it to be more minty..."

Now, you have the power to make your own with DIY Gift Kits.

We give you everything you need and leave the creativity in your hands.

It's kind of like being a chef with a magical fridge that has every ingredient you could possibly need. 

Awesome? You bet!

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