Below are some commonly asked questions. If you have other questions or feedback, please send an email to or use our contact form.
This is an important part of our orders. If you didn’t receive it, we apologize! Please send us an email and we will happily send the PDF file.
We’d love to diagnose the situation and help you get a replacement if needed. Please send a picture of your product via email and we’ll let you know how to help!
Your order didn’t work? No problem, we’re here to help! Our team will ask some questions about the steps you followed to make the product. If this is the result of manufacturing defect, we’ll replace! Please email us at or so we can help.
All our kits are gluten free, and kosher though not certified. Our Elderberry contains honey which is not vegan. Our Lip Balm Making Kit contains beeswax which is not vegan.
Our kits are made in Colorado with quality ingredients sourced around the world.
Our DIY kits themselves are not kosher. But they are made from kosher ingredients and our warehouse is a kosher facility.
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